Best Home Bars for a Man Cave

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As a man, there are times you just want to leave the troubles of the corporate world behind and find relaxation at your pleasure. There is no better way to do this than retreating to your man cave. These cherished spaces allow us to relax and free the mind from the pressures of the fast-paced world we live in.

Bars are a critically integral part of a man cave, where you want to come back home and have a glass of wine, whiskey, or beer. For any guy seeking to create a mancave drinking space, here are some excellent cave bar ideas for your dream man cave.

Best Home Bars Reviews

Home Source Corner Bar Unit

Corner bars are iconic, and having a corner bar for your man cave is the first step to becoming an iconic man too. Home Source Industries is the ideal dealer for corner bar units, with this Stone-Grey model coming above most of their makes and the best on this list.


It’s made with a subtle grey hue to match most home interior decors. The Home Source Corner Bar is for you if you are looking for a functional home bar that does not consume a lot of space. It measures 31.5″ L x 23.6″ W x 73″ H, perfect for placement by the kitchen area, living room corner, or around the corridor.

It features a durable, high-quality wood-constructed frame that is ergonomically made and furnished with top-notch pristine care. The counter space and wine rack are efficient for the storage of short and tall wine bottles, which adds an extra aura to your interior space.

This Home Source home bar unit also comes in a contemporary design so that every furniture piece has a sleek design to accent any dining room experience.

Its base cabinet has clear glass doors so you can view your luxurious items without opening the doors. This cabinet also consists of twin interior shelves for added storage space. Its shelf coverage includes a variety of shelf coverage storage space where you can store bowls of candy or fruits.

Make this lower cabinet a one-stop place where you can serve drinks. The middle wine wrack can house up to five full-sized wine bottles. The bottom cabinet is also perfect for a coffee station or a microwave cabinet.

You also do not have to worry about where to store your delicate stemware, as they will go directly to the top rack of this unit. Behind the shelf are reflective mirror panels, which you can use as you please. If you have limited space and still want a bar, the Home Source corner bar is your perfect answer.


  • High-quality and durable wood
  • Perfect Stone-Grey color for interior spaces
  • Larger twin-shelf base cabinet to store more items
  • Safe top rack for stemware
  • Ergonomic closure knob
  • Easy to assemble


  • Poorly held bottom shelf by support brackets
  • Quite a heavy package for shipping


Haotian FKW56-N Serving Home Cart

This top-rated serving home cart comes from Haotian Industries. It’s a stylish, vintage home serving trolley holding all factors you’d need in a bar trolley. What’s even better about this trolley is its stress-free assembly (instructions provided), ease of use, and some unique features, as discussed below.


First, the Haotian FKW56-N serving trolley is created with a high-quality medium-density fiberboard that will last you a lifetime of careful use. The design element includes a stylish wood effect print attached to a steel frame with a black powder coat that fits your luxury home bar and prevents the steel from rusting.

Second, it’s the perfect home functional trolley for wine enthusiasts. The Haotian FKW56-N is the perfect companion if you are having a group of buddies in for a game night, thanks to the wine rack plus the hanging glass rack for your stemware. Its ergonomic wine rack can hold up to four wine bottles, while the glass rack carries up to six wine glasses.

This is also a dual-purpose home cart, not only for your bar but the kitchen as well. Its top shelf is removable to be used as a food tray when necessary. You also get push handles on both widths of the top shelf for easy pushing. This trolley consists of four swivel castor wheels, two with brakes, so you don’t have to worry about the cart rolling away when stationary.

People with limited space are also covered here as this trolley is made to accommodate all the essentials of a home bar but is compact enough to occupy the least possible space. Its dimensions read 31″ L X 15″ W X 35″ H, and you won’t even notice it’s there.

It’s a very sturdy bar cart with room for many other items. A fully assembled cart weighs 31 pounds and can support up to 110 pounds of weight; even with a ton of wine bottles and glasses, there is no issue.

You don’t have to worry if you are not handy. The package includes a list of easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, plus all screws are provided and can be installed using a manual screwdriver. However, it can get a little hard to drill manually, so you might need an electric drill.

Still, assembly for this cart won’t last more than 40 minutes for the least handy customers. The Haotian FKW56-N looks and feels more expensive, and you’ll love it.


  • Lightweight with a compact design
  • The removable top shelf can be used as a food tray
  • Castor wheels allow easy movement
  • Sturdy frame
  • Beautiful wood finish


  • It might be hard to drill the holes for screws using a manual screw


HOMECHO Wine Bar Cart

Mancaves are designed for masculine energies and interests, and with a pleasant bar cart that meets your expectations, your sanctuary will be well optimized. There is no better way to optimize your man cave than with a brand new HOMECHO Wine Bar cart. It’s a good bar cart specifically designed for luxury and holding wine bottles and their accompaniments.


From its design, resilience, and usability, this cart is designated to last you long enough while serving its purpose. It comes in a durable coated medium density fiberboard (MDF) that doesn’t soak moisture and other spillages. The board is attached to a strong metallic frame that guarantees strength and durability for the cart.

For its beauty, strength, and practicality, this cart is a perfect choice if you are on a budget and want a useful bar cart for your man cave bar plan. This kitchen serving cart features a spacious tabletop that holds several wine bottles, snacks, and considerable quantities of kitchenware. The tabletop bottom has a fenced design with three glass hooks that can hold six wine glasses, keeping them dry.

The wine rack hooks can hold five wine bottles horizontally, keeping them fresh and making the selection of red wines a breeze.

If you have extra wine bottles or beer cups, there is plenty of space at the bottom storage shelf, which has high-quality spray paint. You can also use it to store any kitchen supplies you have. Similarly, the bottom shelf is guarded by a steel-bar fence, so your wine bottles won’t be damaged if they accidentally topple.

The HOMECHO Wine Bar Cart also features 360º rolling swivel casters, which allow the cart’s easy rolling. They are noiseless and smooth gliding, applicable to any road condition. The casters are also lockable, so you can stop the trolley any time without it slipping.

The screws joining the joints ensure that your cart never suffers loose joints. This cart also protects children and adults from potential injuries by an accidental collision, thanks to the rounded corners and a smooth finish on the edges.

Cart assembly is quick and easy, although the instructions may be challenging to follow if you are not handy enough. This cart is compact enough, its dimensions being 23.6″ L X 15.7″ W X 32.3″ H. You can use it to embellish your kitchen, dining room, party space, and even a hotel room.


  • Smooth gliding 360º castor wheels
  • Store many wine bottles horizontally
  • Fenced bottom storage shelf for safety
  • Vintage rustic design
  • Durable steel frame


  • There can be improvements in the wood quality. It’s easily warped when screws go too far inside.


Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar

Nathan James is the brand to go for if you are looking for a bar cart for this generation. The thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to land top-class furniture, with easy assembly and a 100% money-back refund on purchases. You can contact the manufacturer immediately if you have quality issues with this product for an instant questionless replacement.


This cool home bar rolling cart combines durability with elegance. You will love the metallic frame, which allows the cart to hold up to 10 wine bottles. The frame is improved with tempered glass that adds a feel of elegance. The bottom shelf is a beautiful nutmeg wooden make with enough vertical coverage to hold tall wine bottles. With the steel bar fence, you can tell that this base shelf is made for bulk storage.

It also contains built-in rails for the glass shelf top to ensure that all your bottles, glasses, or snacks remain onboard. The steel frame is coated in black matte powder for design enhancement and to resist rust.

Nathan James’ rolling cart measures 17″ L x 24″ W x 35″ H in a sturdy assembly that allows a maximum working weight of 55 pounds for the separate shelves.

It also comes with 360º quad-castor steel wheels to support the cart’s maximum weight while allowing it to roll smoothly. The castors come with a lock that prevents kids and pets from moving the cart during their play. Wheel locks also allow you to transform the cart into a stationary service station, improving its functionality. For easy movement, it has a raised handle that will enable you to roll the cart effortlessly.

Nathan James’ bar cart redefines versatility. You can also use it as a coffee cart, for serving tea as a side table, and even for whiskey tastings at a party. Wherever you are, this serving cart will get the job done perfectly. Its black matte hue is ideal for dark man cave décor.

The cart is also straightforward to assemble and you can put it together in less than 20 minutes with minimal assistance.


  • The clear tempered glass adds a touch of elegance
  • Steel frame enhances durability
  • Large wooden bottom shelf
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile for different users


  • Lacks storage for stemware and other wine glasses
  • Roller legs can easily break


WGX Design Wine Serving Cart

The WGX Serving cart is an internationally shipped wine cart made with sturdy materials and a classic design that takes you back in time. The manufacturer has not added fancy attachments on this cart, yet its beauty and function immaculately strike you.


When we talk of classic merchandise, we are describing the WGX cart. This wine cart is essentially multipurpose, with triple-decker shelves that ensure everything you want onboard remains onboard.

Its thick shelves are crafted using pipe and solid wood, creating a woody effect perfect for your man cave home bar. You can also use it as an ornament. The bottom shelf is made for all your wine, whiskey, or beer bottles, with enough room allowance for the middle shelf. This enables the cart to store even the tallest wine bottles.

It also comes with four 360-degree castor wheels with two-locking for smooth rolling around the crib. With the castor wheels and triple shelves, this unit can easily be used as a food cart too. The top shelf consists of handles that make it seamless to push this serving trolley.

It’s made of a metallic frame that will last you a lifetime if properly used and maintained. The steel frame is also stain-resistant. This is one of the easiest carts to assemble because there are no corner joints in its design. You only need a manual screwdriver and a few minutes of your time.


  • Durable solid wood
  • Quick assembly
  • Can be used as an ornament
  • Wide shelving space


  • Lacks a holder for wine glasses
  • Very basic for men of taste



Q. How can I decorate my man cave cheap?

A. The most obvious start is setting up a man cave sign. You could get a fancy one from the store or get crafty and make one for yourself. The latter option, however, requires that you gather some primary supplies like scrap wood, nails, paint, and a saw.

Again, if you are on a budget, you can get a foosball coat hanger for your mancave. For this, you need to get a broken-down foosball table and fasten the handles to a wall. When well secured, you should be able to hang a coat on each player. A DIY tire poof is also a great idea for a man cave décor for those on budget.

There are many ideas for anyone on a budget, and you only need to have the right supplies and equipment. Take these considerations: a wine barrel bed, self-painted wallpaper, a monster beanbag, booze dispensers (modified water dispensers), wall-mounted bottle openers, baseball bat painted nightstand, DIY dartboards, retro canvas prints, and more.

Q. How do I make my room a man cave?

A. Designing a mancave for a small room starts with a paint job. You can give the walls a green, blue or brown hue. Avoid darker colors as they make space appear smaller than it is. Next, bring in a large piece of furniture like a sofa to provide a focal point. You can later get smaller pieces like a bookcase and smaller tables for drinks and snacks.

Bring in a TV, probably a wall-mounted flatscreen, and create a shelf beneath it to place components like a gaming console or a cable box. To minimize clutter, store smaller accessories like gaming controllers and headsets in a tiny cabinet. If you have any memorabilia or souvenirs, house them on shelves and in cabinets to save on floor space.

Ensure the room is well lit by getting a corner floor lamp or allow natural sunlight through the windows. More light makes the room look lighter, larger, and more aerated. Finally, incorporate an ornamental bar mirror or a mirrored coffee table. Place it opposite to the light source, so it reflects light into the room.

Q. What color should a man cave be?

A. For a mancave, use colors that ease the mind and bring calmness. You can try a combination of white and blue, green, or white and grey. This is an excellent combination.

Q. What is a good size mancave?

A. The best size mancave depends on the purpose of building one. You can decide to construct a full-blown man cave with a personal theatre and a pool table, bar, music studio, and a lot more, but you will need large room space. Still, there are no rules about the size of a man cave; you can do a lot with your current room size.

Final Verdict

Certainly, among the best home bars for a man cave in this list is the Home Source Corner Bar unit. It fits in the space perfectly, and since it’s a stationary home bar, it becomes part of the home décor. It also has ample storage space for more than just wine bottles, and you can also include a bar stool for it. However, if you are on a budget, you can opt for the Haotian FKW56-N Bar Serving Cart.

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