How to Build Your Man Cave in a Small House?

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Thinking about setting up your own private space in the house? Well, you are definitely in the right place because we have all the information you will ever need to build your own man cave!

What’s a man cave, you ask? To put it simply, a man cave is, you guessed it, a man’s private space in the house. It is strictly off-limits to other members of the family, and it is supposed to be the one spot in the house where the man has complete freedom to do his own thing.

So, you know, basically a place in the house where the guy can unwind, do his own thing, play some games, down a few beers; you get the picture!

Doesn’t it sound dreamy? Just think about it, no kids underfoot, no wife asking you to run errands, just you and all your favorite things in the world in one room. So do you want to know how to build your man cave in a small house? Let’s get started!

The Perks Of Having Your Own Space

By now, you probably have a fairly good idea of the benefits of having your own space, but there’s more!
One of the biggest perks of a man cave is that it is the one spot in the house where you can spend hours without getting bored. Let’s say you are stuck in the house and can’t go out. Or there is a lockdown in your area because of the Coronavirus. Or you simply just need a little breather from your family.

So, what do you do? Go to the man cave, of course! Trust us, you can easily kill hours in this place while enjoying some quality me-time. It’s a great way of staying occupied when you are stuck at home because of the pandemic.
It’s also a great way to escape from pesky relatives. I mean, we all love our families, but sometimes we just need a break from them, to be honest.

The second fantastic thing about a man cave is that it can become a space where you can hang out with your bros for hours without disturbing the rest of your family. So, it’s an ideal place for a guys’ night in!

By now, you are probably eager to know how to actually build one of these man caves, so let’s get right into it!

Designing A Man Cave: The Basics

Designing a man cave is a really fun process. You can customize your cave space in literally a gazillion different ways. You can even give the room a theme if you like, for example, something inspired by your favorite movie or anime series.

Basically, to really make this place your own, you need to come up with a cave idea that represents who you are and reflects your personality. It’s like a room that is sort of like a little piece of you and a place that is like your very own private playground.

Don’t Have Enough Rooms? How About A Basement Man Cave?

But let’s say you live in a small house and you cannot set aside a separate room for your man cave. What then?
Not to worry; you can just convert the basement into a man cave! Honestly, the basement is better than just a simple room anyway.

In a basement you will definitely have more space, so your man cave will be bigger. I mean, most basements are big enough to allow a guy to set up some exercise machines in one corner and some gaming equipment in the other.

In fact, you will probably also have some extra space to fit in a few other things like a dartboard or a chess table. So, the basement is a really good option for a man cave because it is usually a spacious area in the house that is free of other furniture. This also allows you to set it up however you wish.

Use Space Creatively

In a small house, it is important to use space creatively to make the most of a small space. If your house does not have a basement or a spare room, then don’t worry.

You can even use your garage as your man cave, especially if you are a guy who is interested in tinkering with tools. Because what other place other than a garage is ideal for keeping all your toolboxes?

A garage is also a great place for men with hobbies like woodworking or making robots because you can safely store all sorts of equipment like saws or spare parts without worrying about your children messing around with them.

You can also make use of the attic and convert it into a cozy man cave. Of course, the cave layout in an attic will be somewhat different from a basement or garage, but you can still use the small space creatively and fit in all your gaming equipment at least.

In fact, if you really want an upgraded attic man cave, then why not splurge and get a skylight built into your attic? This is a great way to let in some sunlight during the day as you sip some coffee and enjoy a good novel. And at night, you can chill out in your attic and even do some stargazing through your skylight!

Deck Out Your Man Cave In Style

Now that we have discussed all the different spaces in the house that can be used as a man cave let’s talk about cave furniture.

Honestly, when it comes to furniture, you can really get crazy and customize the pieces according to your own taste. However, some basic furniture that every man cave needs is an oversized and comfortable couch.

A good idea is to get one of those sofa sets that also come with a coffee table and side tables. Trust us; a sofa set is well worth the money, especially if you plan on having your whole gang over for a movie marathon or a gaming battle. It will allow everyone to sit and relax comfortably so that you guys can enjoy yourself to the max! In fact, it may not be a bad idea to throw in some easy chairs and bean bags too!

You might also want to consider investing in bar stool seating and even a mini-fridge to hold all your favorite drinks and snacks. This way, you and your pals can enjoy a few drinks together while shooting some darts or playing cards or any other game.

Sports Man Cave: All Your Favorite Games In One Spot!

Speaking of games, you can literally turn your cave into your very own sports club if you want! Even in a small space, you can easily fit in a poker table or a roulette table if you like games of chance. You can also add in a compact foosball table that doesn’t take up too much space.

Indeed, if your house has a small basement or garage, then you can also install a pool table and even a ping-pong table if you like. Seriously, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing a sports cave in your house!

Want to know something crazy? If you spend some extra money, you could even get a couple of your favorite arcade games installed in your cave! Isn’t that cool? All your friends are gonna love it too!

Honestly, with all these games in one spot, all your friends will constantly want to hang out at your place all the time!

Want To Know Why The Man Cave Is The Best Spot For Gaming?

And finally, the man cave is literally the best place for serious gamers. I mean, you can have a whole area in the house to yourself where you can play level upon level for hours with no interruptions or other disturbances.

Seriously, if there is one place that will allow you to beat the most unbeatable levels in any video game, it is the man cave, without a doubt. So, if you are looking to break the next record in the gaming world, then get yourself a man cave ASAP!

The cave is really the ideal place to set up all your gaming paraphernalia. From your gaming chair to your desktop and keyboard, all of it can easily be set up in a man cave without much hassle.

You can even invite your friends over for a video game battle or a gaming contest and play together for hours on end. Seriously, the man cave’s the best when it comes to providing you with a space to indulge in some non-stop entertainment!


What’s the purpose of a man cave?

The purpose of a man cave is to allow a guy to have his own space where he can do his own thing: practice drumming, play the guitar, play some video games. Literally, do whatever he wants to without being disturbed by anyone else in the house.

He can design the cave in whichever way he likes so this is also a space that allows him to express his creative side and make a place that he can identify with as his own. It allows him to express his personality.

Can you build a man cave on a budget?

Absolutely! You just need an empty room or attic, and you can customize it according to your budget. You can definitely get a lot of things like furniture such as chairs and bean bags second-hand if you are on a budget.

You can also get accessories like dartboards or other games for really low prices by shopping online or waiting for flash sales.

What is a good size for a man cave?

Since each house is different, the rooms or basement sizes may vary; but we recommend a size of 130-150 square feet at least if you want a good-sized man cave. If you have more space, that’s even better because any place you unwind and relax should at least be spacious.

What should I put in my man cave?

You can decorate the space in any way you like according to your own taste. We suggest that you add things in your man cave that are related to your hobbies and interests. These could be books or your favorite manga. Or your favorite sports equipment or even fitness stuff if you love working out.

You can also keep all your gaming equipment in your man cave or even musical instruments if music helps you relax. In fact, this may be a good place to keep all your art supplies because a man cave provides you with a quiet and peaceful place where you can make some art or paint or draw for hours.

How can I make my man cave better?

There are a few things that you can do to upgrade your man cave. Firstly, invest in some comfortable furniture like an ergonomic gaming chair and some easy chairs.

Secondly, install a mini-fridge in your cave so that you have all your favorite drinks on hand. If you are on a budget, simply keeping a stash of all your favorite goodies and snacks is also a good idea.

Lastly, try and build your man cave with an attached bathroom. This way, you can comfortably spend the whole day in your man cave if you wish.


A man cave is a great thing to have in your house if you want a space where you can spend some quality time with yourself. It is the best place to unwind and indulge in your hobbies without other family members getting in the way.
Building a man cave is not too difficult. All you need is some empty space in your house where you can set up a few games and keep snacks, and that’s it – you are all set to have some fun in your very own man cave!

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