How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room

How To Make A Man Cave In A Small Room -

A man cave is a place in the house where a man can unwind and do what he wants without interference from anyone else in the house. For that, you do not necessarily need a large space. Even if you have a small room available, you can make it happen.

We will take a look at ways to turn a small room into the perfect man cave. This room will still include all the modern devices a modern man needs to get rid of the stress of the workplace and everyday life.

Keep reading if you are interested in turning that small room in the house into the man cave you’ve always wanted.

Plan Your Man Cave

Before you start bringing in the furniture and everything else you want to place in the man cave, you need to take measurements. You want to have enough space to move around in your man cave to do whatever it is you want to do.

Measure all the walls, as well as the floor space. Only then will you be able to determine what size sofa you can add. This will also apply to all the other appliances and accessories you want to bring to your personal man space.

You need to determine if the activities you are planning to do in your man cave will need more space before you spend your money. If you want to make a gym, all the basic equipment you will need must be able to fit in that space.

How to Improve Security and Comfort in Your Man Cave

When you make a man cave, you are obviously going to bring all of your valuable collections to display in this space. Thus, you need to make it quite difficult for those who want to take your valuables away from you.

The same type of security you install in your home will also be adequate to use in your man cave. Another thing you need to take a look at is the option of fresh air in your small man cave.

You need to have a way to get rid of body odors and provide fresh air at the same time. For that, you need a small aircon/humidifier combo system. This will also help cool down or heat up your man cave.

For those who want to make a gym or gaming center, you need to have proper temperature control and fresh air at your disposal. All these things need to be in place before you start to do the rest of the interior decoration and add your personal stuff.

Some Tips on How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room

If you have only a small room to convert into a man cave, you will want to make use of all the help you can get.

Paint For the Walls

When it comes to painting the walls of a man cave, you need to plan in advance what it is you want to create here. Lighter colors will make the room seem larger and lighter, while darker colors will make it look smaller and…darker.

You can use darker colors for accents, borders, wooden trims, and even decorative purposes. Even when it comes to the ceiling, it is better to go for neutral colors for better space management.

Larger Pieces of Furniture

Use one large piece of seating, like a long sofa instead of smaller chairs, which may cause a small space to look unorderly. Larger furniture will provide a single focus point and make the room look larger and more spacious than smaller pieces would.

A single long bar counter will do the same trick, with small bar stools to accentuate it for decorative purposes. Use multi-purpose furniture, such as tables with storage space, to prevent clutter. Also, a tall, narrow bookcase will look better than a large one.

Mount On the Wall

It is better to mount a large flat-screen TV on the wall than to have a TV stand that will occupy unnecessary space. You can add a shelf against the wall under the TV to store game consoles and home theater components to make it look neat.

All the small accessories, such as game controllers and remote controls, can go in the storage space under the coffee table. This will prevent cluttering and will also help make your man cave look neat and spacious all the time.

Keep Display Simple

All those collectibles and sports items, like a signed ball or bat, can be kept on shelves against the wall to save space. A large display case will just make the place look overcrowded and it will take up a lot of space.

If you have a lot of memorabilia, rotate them every other month instead of putting everything out at the same time. You need to preserve the space, and it will make weekly visits from friends more interesting with new displays now and then.

Plenty Of Light

Lots of light will make the room much larger, and if you have a window in the room, try to keep it open for natural light. Lights on the ceiling will provide great overhead light, and they will not take up wall and floor space.

The more lighting you have, the airier and larger the room will look. Natural light from a roof light will also make a difference.


Mirrors on the wall will make the room look larger, so if you can mount a nice mirror on the wall, it will look nice. You can add a nice, large, decorative mirror at the bar against the wall to make it look larger and lighter.

Another good thing will be to hang large wall decorations to help make the man cave look larger and much more sociable.


There are many other ways to improve a man cave and to make it fit your personal needs and style. These are only a few ideas, but you will find many more great ideas on the internet, so go look for them and enjoy your man cave.

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