How to Create the Sports Man Cave


With 2021 looking like another year full of staycations and housebound activity, you’re going to want to make your home as appealing and comfortable as possible.

For guys, the appeal is often to convert your attic, garage, or spare room into a man cave. With sports still going on, though, why not go a step further and turn your spare space into a sports man cave for the ultimate place to kick back, appreciate sports, and show your love for your favorite team.

Read on for some top tips and ideas to help you know how to create the sports man cave (sports man cave ideas).

Finding the Best Location

You may lack options or be limited to just one room in your house that could be your man cave. However, if you’ve got a few options, it’s worth considering which room would work best as the location of your sports man cave. The main feature is that the space you settle on ensures privacy while being easily accessible to all.

The Garage

The garage is a classic and almost cliché location for your man cave. However, it remains to be a popular part of the house for guys and is an ideal and easily accessible location.

Despite this, there are many drawbacks to using the garage, mainly since it is, after all, just an extension of your house. You’ll need to ensure that there is working electricity and plenty of working lights. The last thing you want for your sports man cave is a dingy, dark, uninviting look.

Make sure to also equip the garage with vibrant furnishings and decorations to create optimal lighting and maximum allure. With the garage, you’re going to need to go all out to sell it to your peers as an inviting place to hang out. For that reason, you’ll also need to make sure the central heating runs to the garage, because it can get chilly in the winter or in the evenings.

The Basement

The basement suffers a lot of the same hurdles as the garage when setting up a man cave. However, you can overcome these issues, too, and the basement has the potential to be transformed into the ultimate hidden man cave.

Being at the bottom of your house, the basement is most likely the place where you’ll find leaks, dampness, and infestations. Of course, you need to fix these before constructing your sports man cave, as you want yourself and your guests to have a pleasurable, stress-free hang-out time.

The basement is one of the better options for sports man caves, as you can be a lot louder in the basement than you can in other parts of the house because there is no threat of waking up anyone below or next door to you. For this reason, the basement also ensures the most privacy.

Layout Ideas

Here are some of the best sports man cave layout options.

Sports Bar

After you’ve chosen a location and before you start buying loads of sports memorabilia, you’re going to want to give your room a more specific sports theme and start mapping out an ideal layout.

If you’re going for a man cave that resembles a sports bar, the most important thing to consider is both the number of flat-screen TVs you’ll need, as well as how to position them within the man cave to ensure that they can be viewed comfortably by however many guests you have over at any given time.

You’ll also need to consider the positioning of the bar or fridge relative to where the seats are laid out. You don’t want to have to walk in front of your guests and obscure their view every time you go for a beer!

Aside from leather couches, stools would also be an appropriate purchase to help replicate the feeling of a sports bar.

Sports Playing Area

Sports man caves are made more fun with actual sports to play in them, such as pool, foosball, darts, and ping pong. Be sure to consider the layout of the equipment of each sport – particularly with regards to the dartboard – so that several games can be played at one time.

Although it may not be practical to play basketball in your sports man cave, you could invest in a small hoop with a soft ball to hang over the door.

If you have TVs in the man cave, too, you’re going to want to make sure they’re clear and out of the way to avoid any damage as a result of a guest’s misplaced pool cue or dart.

Best Sports Man Cave Décor

The best items to have lining the walls of your sports man cave are items that reflect the teams and players you are dedicated to, such as different forms of memorabilia. This could be obvious objects like signed shirts, balls, or programs, or it could also be a display of your rare items, such as baseball cards or autographs.

It could also be a good idea to have a wall dedicated to league brackets, as well as posters explaining the rules of the game or other information.

There is a whole load of quirky and offbeat furnishings available now that would make zero sense anywhere else in your house but would be the perfect fit for your sports man cave.

These could tie the room together. These include an NFL hover helmet, an NFL snack helmet with multiple trays to carry a variety of snacks, a sports neon light that displays a reference to your favorite team or sport, a baseball glove chair with baseball stool, or sport-themed light shades or lamps.


Hopefully, our guide has given you a starting point in planning your ultimate sports man cave. However, with your own favorite teams and preferences, we’re sure you can put your own spin on our suggestions and create a unique hang-out spot for you and your friends to enjoy.

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